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Mission Statement
To preserve life and property in the Village and Township of Arlington and portions of Leeds and Lowville in case of fire and other emergencies, and to promote through fire safety education the prevention of such fire and other emergencies.

Contact the Chief:

Joe Barman
Fire Chief

Email the Chief

Arlington Fire Department
200 Commercial St.
P.O. Box 18
Arlington, WI 53911
(608) 635-4717

The Arlington Fire Department is Dementia Friendly 

Burn Permits:

Please see the DNR link below for rules and regulations -
Please remember to notify Columbia County Dispatch Center if you are performing a controlled burn.


House Burns:

Please see the DNR link below for rules and regulations -
The Arlington Fire Department will not burn for the sole purpose of waste reduction!


Arlington EMS:

The Arlington Fire Department and the Arlington EMS are thought of as a single entity and while we work together on calls we actually are separate entities. If you are trying to contact the Arlington EMS please contact them at:

Arlington EMS

Rusty Rogers, Director
Phone: (608) 635-2899
Fax: (635) 635-3924

Arlington Firemen's Festival 2017.....
August 4-6 2017 ..... 

Thank you to all who came and made our 2016 events a success...
Arlington Firemen's Festival 2016
Arlington Firemen's Sportsman's Night Out 2016
Arlington Firemen's Halloween Open House 2016

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